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daily sustenance (Mahlzeiten)

We are working as Volunteers in Barbados with the YWAM.

If you're interested in supporting us in any way - that would be an idea.

Umgerechnet 350 Franken für ein klassischer Wocheneinkauf. Kartoffel, Linsen, Bohnen, Gemüse und die günstigsten Proteine sind bereits teuer. Ich koche dreimal täglich - eine gesunde Ernährung ist nicht günstig. Ein bisschen Käse, Früchte und Tee gönnen wir uns trotzdem.

How does it works?
1. Decide how you would like to support us.
2. Choose the "product" in our Strackshop
3. Choose the amount of money/ number of products

  • If you chose to pay a smaller amount of money as the products value - that's always possible! Contact us! or we contact you as soon as we noticed your generosity! :-) You can always transfer a free amount to our bank account via e-banking or TWINT. Details below.

4. You can pay via TWINT (+4179 872 38 83) or on this Webpage.
5. If you pay via webpage just follow the instructions in this online shop. 

If you have any questions - please, feel free to contact us!!!
THANK YOU VERY MUCH. sue and lukas strack

Raiffeisenbank Flawil
Lukas und Susan Strack
Sägen 1545, 9230 Flawil
IBAN: CH52 8080 8002 0807 3646 8

TWINT +41 79 872 38 83

daily sustenance (Mahlzeiten)

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