We've been working as Volunteers for 3 months in Cambodia.
If you would like to support us financially in a way - that would be an idea.

We paid CHF 3.80 for 2 plates of fried rice chicken for Dinner.
7x Dinner = 1 Week Dinner for the two of us. :-)

How does it work?
1. Decide how you would like to support us.
2. Choose the "product" in our Strackshop
3. Choose the amount of money/ number of products
4. You can pay via TWINT (+4179 872 38 83) or on this Webpage.

5. If you pay via webpage just follow the instructions. 

If you have any questions - please, feel free to contact us!!!
THANK YOU VERY MUCH. sue and lukas strack

Raiffeisenbank Flawil
Lukas und Susan Strack
Sägen 1545, 9230 Flawil
IBAN: CH52 8080 8002 0807 3646 8 SWIFT-BIC:

​​​​​​​TWINT +41 79 872 38 83

7x Fried Rice Chicken for DINNER