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We are Sue and Lukas Strack. Together as a Family we travel and work around the world. Our journey has started back in January 2019, after we had quit our Jobs, sold almost everything we’d owned and started our adventure with an „Open End“. We became parents in Mexico 2021 with Zachary - our very kind and gentle Son. Noya - our most precious Daughter was born in April 2024. This year is special in many ways, as well because we completed a full circle of travels all AROUND THE GLOBE for the very first time. 


Our aim is not to travel the world for vacation but to combine traveling with deeper insights into different cultures by sharing life as we work and live together. We want to encounter people with love and no prejudice. Today, as things continue to get faster we want to get slowed down and focus on values in life that really matter. Like the beauty of nature, relationships, helping each other without expecting anything in return. The world will teach you skills and lessons, no school could ever do.


On our Social Media Channels like Instagram and Youtube, we share our adventure with you and would love to have you on board. Let us inspire each other with a positive lifestyle. We would love to grow as a little community and live life together. Please share our content with your beloved Ones to bring valuable projects to the next level.

At the moment we're taking a break from all the travels, introducing our new family member, working and spending time with our beloved family in Switzerland.

since 2019

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